They Thought Their Dog Had Be Euthanized At The Vet. Days Later, They Saw Her On Facebook!

When they realized that their beloved Boxer, Zoey, was in constant pain, the Coates family found themselves faced with a tough choice. The 9-year-old family pet was living with a large tumor on her side and suffered from seizures, but that wasn’t the half of the problems that the Coates family was facing. Along with the health of their dog, she was facing the loss of her home and her husband, who was sent to prison.

She couldn’t do it alone, so mom enlisted the help of her father and took Zoey to a local veterinarian. They paid a large sum of $215 with the expectation that Zoey would be put down humanely and her ashes given to them to remember her by.

Six months passed, and the Coates family was finally ready to move on. Mom started looking for Boxers in their area to adopt…when her heart stopped. She had stumbled across a collection of Facebook posts that looked¬†exactly¬†like Zoey – the dog up for adoption was even the same age!They called their vet, and that’s when things got messy. The vet claimed that her father had told her he wanted the dog put down, that she had tried to tell him that surgery would probably save Zoey’s life, but that he had refused, seemingly wanting the dog gone from their lives. Instead of calling the family, she used the money to perform the surgery instead of euthanizing Zoey and put her up for adoption without the family’s knowledge.

He claims that she made it all up.

Once the vet realized that the family really did want the best for Zoey, she returned her in good health, regretful that she assumed the worst, but glad that she hadn’t followed their wishes to euthanize Zoey. The family hasn’t filed a complaint. They are simply thankful that Zoey lived.

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