They Thought It Would Make A Fun Picture…Little Did They Know, They Could Have DIED!

A family in Wales was enjoying a nice day at the beach, playing in the sand and exploring the different shells and items that had washed up onto the shore. One of those curiosities was a large “bouy,” or so they thought, covered in barnacles and seaweed. The large metal sphere was so out of the ordinary that they just had to take a few pictures with it.

The children posed, and at one point, they had even hit it with their hands to see if it made any noise. The kids were more excited to see so many barnacles up close, and their son found a metal chain attached to the sphere among all of the little barnacles.…But a few days later, officials made an announcement on the news that a sea mine from World War II had washed up onto the beach, and they were urging people to avoid the entire area until it could be disposed of.

The family had posed with and played with a live bomb!

Officials said that once the barnacles began to fall off of the sphere, people noticed that the exposed wiring was still intact.
A bomb squad was called to conduct a controlled explosion to detonate the bomb, and the family went down to watch it happen, still in shock that they had been playing with it just days before.

Mom says that they learned a valuable lesson about playing with random items that had washed up on the beach.

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