They Thought He Would Judge The Man For Wearing All Black…Instead, Someone Snapped This Photo And Proved Many People Wrong!

No one expected this old man to accept Anthony’s help. He was out one day with his family and saw a person in need. He didn’t stop to think that he shouldn’t help or that his help wouldn’t be accepted…and he certainly wasn’t thinking that he would be judged by the color of his clothing or his skin.

An old man was struggling in the parking lot, trying to get his spare tire out of his trunk. He was having trouble with all of it. Sure, he knew how to change a tire, but actually doing it after such a long day was proving to be more of a challenge than his old bones could handle. He may have fixed it eventually, but having the help of an extra pair of hands was much more preferable!

Anthony walked up, and Keri Watters decided to take a quick snapshot before the moment had passed.


…thank you to this man for not judging (a black man in all black walking up) and without question, accepting Anthony’s offer to help.”


Together, they changed the tire in no time at all. They weren’t concerned with who looked like what, or what they should be thinking about each other before even saying hello. One man saw another in need, and one man accepted the help. It was a beautiful moment that should be shared! The media can think what it wants – this is what it means to be human. Helping one another when we need it the most.

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