They Stood In A Line With Hands On Their Hearts…For One Tragic Reason!

Officer David Hofer was only 29 when he was shot by a man who had been committing crimes. Officer Hofer had only moved to Texas a few years prior and had recently proposed to his girlfriend. They made the move to Texas because for five years, Officer Hofer had been a police officer in New York City. He decided that it was too dangerous to be a cop in New York as the violence was so much worse. He wanted to start building a life with his new fiancee, and since Texas had a reputation for citizens who respected the law, he assumed his future family would be a lot safer.

3.3a2Unfortunately, he died of his gunshot wounds at the hospital, leaving behind many who had come to respect and appreciate his hard work.

The man that they had been pursuing had just been released from jail, but was frequently abusing substances and was allegedly on meth at the time. He had been sentenced to community service instead of more time spent behind bars, a move, his family says, was irresponsible.

“It’s their fault,” the suspect’s father told the Forth Worth Star-Telegram. “Why would they let him out when he was on that stuff?” Talking about the substance abuse.

The suspect burglarized a home and stole several guns. When he realized the police would be on their way, he crouched in a nearby ditch and ambushed the officers when they arrived, shooting and killing officer Hofer.

Officer Hofer’s partner was able to return fire, but it was too late for officer Hofer.


Officers and citizens alike stood in respectful silence during a show of support for the officers in blue, and sadly, to say goodbye to officers like Hofer who was killed doing the job that they loved so much.

Men and women like officer Hofer deserve a lot more respect. A lot more.

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