They Started A Running Club For Syrian Refugees, And The Results Are Stunning!

Many refugees are struggling to fit in to new homes after fleeing their homelands when it became too dangerous to live there. In Sweden, the communities have banded together in order to welcome the new arrivals. They have formed a running club named “Hej Främling!”(“Hello Stranger!”) to make everyone feel welcome!

The unique organization hopes to provide a model for other communities to adopt as well. The endeavor has already brought over 500 refugees together with the townspeople in the community together to bond over their love of running.

These running clubs are popping up all over the countries because they want to quickly incorporate the new refugees into their way of life. The idea is to get community members involved because the government can only help in a limited way. They might be able to fun programs, but the human aspect is what will really help these programs to thrive.

Hopefully, more and more villages and towns and cities will decided to start these clubs as a way for refugees to become acquainted with the cities they have moved to. It will give them the confidence that they need to thrive in their new societies and become comfortable in their new homes!

The love of running is a beautiful thing, and will help the participants to become fast friends! What a beautiful idea!

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