They Spotted This Dog Unable To Move And Covered In Tar. They Couldn’t Ignore Him!

Two boys were walking down the street in Argentina when they thought they had seen a statue. A dog was so completely covered in tar that he could barely move. They couldn’t be sure if he had fallen into a tar pit or if someone had purposefully covered him and left him to die…but they knew that they couldn’t just leave him to suffer.

The boys took him to the Zoonosis Lanus shelter. Volunteers had never seen such a terrible case and weren’t sure how to help the dog. They pulled up tutorials online and did some research hoping to be able to free the dog from the tar coating as painlessly as possible.Volunteers went out and purchased a lot of products, checking each one and deciding what worked best. In the end, a combination of dish soap and oil began to work, slowly but surely. They spent over five hours cleaning the dog and used five liters of oil before he was finally clean.
Even though he was now free from the tar, they still had concerns for his health. The tar had gotten into his lungs, his nostrils, his intestines, and his ears. Being poisoned was a very real concern…but he seemed to be recovering quickly. Over the next few days, the dog – which they named Petro – started to trust them and grew stronger as a result of their constant care and affection.They believe that he will be strong enough to be put up for adoption very soon – and hope to find a forever home for him within the month!

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