They Spotted A Homeless Man Who Was Camping Out Near Their Apartment Complex And Wrote This Letter

Brandi V. was going through her home and cleaning up, tossing out old items, and getting ready for the holidays when her boyfriend, John, suggested something that is now warming thousands of hearts around the country.

They had too much of everything – sweaters and blankets and old items that were gathering dust – and there just wasn’t anymore room in their apartment. Brandi wanted to give it away or toss it on the curb, but John had other plans. They knew about the homeless man who was camping out at the back of a field where they frequently walked their dog, and while he didn’t technically live in the neighborhood, we was still their neighbor…and the cold weather was coming in fast. So, they gathered some items and wrote this note:11-28a4

John wanted to include a letter to give him a warm, friendly welcome to the neighborhood because although he isn’t living in an apartment here, he is still our neighbor and a person; and it is our job as human beings to take care of each other.”

They packed a backpack full of canned food, blankets, hygiene products, utensils, and anything they thought he could use. They also stuffed a trash bag full of winter stuffs: a comforter, two pillows, and a cozy sweater that was sure to fit.

We went by his little tarp tent a little while ago and dropped off our gift to him. With the holidays approaching it is important to remember what it’s really about – giving and thinking of others.”

Their actions are inspiring others to do the same in their own communities, and people are in awe of this couple’s kindness.

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