They Spot A Man’s Wife CHEATING On Him! They Wrote Him A Note…And They Had Pictures To Prove It!

Delana and Brynn were enjoying a baseball game together when they noticed an odd couple in front of them. While the husband was invested in the game in front of them, his wife was thoroughly invested in her phone. The seats were very close together and the sisters eventually noticed that the “woman” she was texting was actually named Mark Allen, and their texts were a lot more vulgar than expected…9-12a2They were able to get a few pictures of the woman’s conversation and decided that her husband needed to know. They wrote him a note on the team’s booklet and included their phone number for the pictures that they had just taken in case his wife wised up and deleted everything.

Your wife is cheating on you. Look at the messages under Nancy! Its really a man named Mark Allen. There is a picture on my phone if she has deleted the messages. Sorry, just thought you should know!”

The sisters waited until the game was over to hand the note to the man so that his wife wouldn’t have a chance to see it before trying to delete her messages. He looked at it and gave the sisters a ‘thumbs up’ gesture.
9-12a130 minutes later, they received a text message from the husband asking for the proof. It turns out that the couple had been married for 29 years, but after the brief exchange, the sisters didn’t hear anything that happened afterwards.
9-12a3The reaction has been divided. Some say that the girls should have minded their own business…others say that the people getting angry are cheaters or have never been married. What would YOU have done if you witnessed this happening right in front of you?


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