They Spot A Man Riding His Bike In The Freezing Weather. His Reason Is Inspiring!!

What would you do for love? If you think about it, what wouldn’t you do for love? We sacrifice the things that we want to do or the places that we want to go to be able to afford the mortgage on our family home. We take jobs we wouldn’t necessarily do if we were still single. We wake up earlier than normal just to put a pot of coffee on for the rest of the family just to make their day a little bit easier.

But these are comparatively small things to do for the ones you love. If you don’t think so, you might change your mind after THIS story. This man has set the bar extremely high for the rest of us, and he deserves all of our support!


Can you imagine this for a second? 5 years of riding his bike through the wind, the rain, the sleet, and the freezing temperatures to support his sick wife. For over 5 years, he didn’t buy a car and instead bought medicine. He bought food that she could eat. He paid for hospital visits and special equipment. Traveling nearly 10 miles to work and back in the harsh elements on a bike – to use the money on the woman he loved instead of a car.

This is an incredible amount of devotion, and I am in awe of his willpower. It’s incredible!

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