They Sold Everything To Go On An EPIC Road Trip Across America…In Their Tiny Mobile Home!

Wanting to just leave all of your worries behind is a common daydream for a lot of us…usually around the time our bills come due, but its still a valid dream. But one couple decided not to wait until they were retired to live their dream of traveling across the country! Their new address? North America.They sold their home and built a custom 200 square foot tiny home. They quit their jobs. They loaded up their dogs. They began the adventure of a lifetime.They outfitted the small space with a fairly large kitchen, a refrigerator, storage, and dozens of awesome space-saving decor that have a lot of people jealous.

“You don’t need as much as you think you do,” they said about their small living quarters.

A lot of people think that this sounds exciting, but the thought of selling everything that they own is a scary one. We work hard for the things that we have, so getting rid of sentimental items or downsizing can be more difficult than they thought.Take a look around your living room, for example. A 200 square foot tiny home would not let you keep your couch. There wouldn’t be enough space for a television, and you’d need to downgrade to a laptop if you wanted to access the internet. You couldn’t have a large bed or a lot of pillows and blankets.

When you stop to think about how much you would have to sell or give away, you begin to realize just how incredible this couple is for going through with it. Their dream was so powerful that it completely changed their lifestyle. If we could all go after our dreams with such vigor, the world would be a much different place.

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