They Sent These Official Looking Letters To ALL Of Their Family!

When family members began receiving these letters in the mail, they got a little bit of a shock. The official URGENT stamped in red ink across the front looked ominous, and the Sheriff’s logo at the top seemed to seal their fates! Most of them didn’t realize that cutsy little stamp instead of the standard NO POSTAGE NECESSARY in the top right corner; they were too worried about what could be inside!However, once they opened it up, the realized that it wasn’t a scary notice to appear…it was a happy one! Nancy and Matt, who works at the Sheriff’s office, were getting married! They designed these RSVP invitations as an inside joke. Matt’s grandfather had worked in law enforcement all of his life and they knew that he would get a good laugh out of it in the end.

Unfortunately, the man passed away just one week before he would have received the invitation in the mail. It was one last way to remember him, in the end. While the moment was bittersweet, it reflected the relationship that the two had built – hopefully, everyone will be able to make the ceremony!For couples with careers that they love, it isn’t unusual to incorporate their livelihoods into their nuptials. This silly prank got a lot of people – they thought they were in BIG trouble thanks to this clever invitation!

Would you pull something like this on YOUR family?

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