They Sent Him A Warning, And He Sent Them The BEST Comeback! This Letter To The Environmental Department Had Me Laughing So Hard!

It is very easy for a government agency to become detached from the people it serves. They get so caught up in the “red tape” and the “specifics” of the law that they sometimes miss the big picture! With so many people doing small, independent parts of one job, the chance of oversight is exponentially greater. This letter probably wasn’t just one person’s fault, but the resulting correspondence are just too hilarious! I hope this department thought this letter was just as funny as I did!


Yeah, I can picture exactly what happened! One clerk received a complaint and sent it to the next department. This department researched the area and determined that there was indeed a violation. They sent it on to the next department who found out who the land belonged to. Then they sent the entire thing to the next department, who gave it to an intern to write and send! It’s clear that more than one person dropped the ball on this one, but his response was outrageous! I hope the entire department got a good laugh when they realized that they had tried to press charges againstĀ beavers! Too funny!

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