They Saw This Kitten Being Tossed From A Bridge And Left To DROWN! They Saved It With Seconds To Spare!

It was all by chance that this kitten was saved from drowning on the shores of North Carolina, and three bridge inspectors will never forget the chilling moment that saved a kitten’s life.

At 7 A.M. on a Wednesday, three bridge inspectors from the North Carolina Department of Transportation were under the Old Manns Harbor Bridge in a boat, preparing to do their job. A mile from the shoreline in 15 feet of water, they didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary…until they heard a car passing over them on the bridge and saw “something” fly off of the bridge.

In their line of work, witnessing cars tossing garbage out of their car windows isn’t that uncommon. People litter due to laziness all of the time, but in this case, the people were heartless and outright vindictive. A few minutes later, the workers realized that the car hadn’t tossed trash out of their window – they had tossed a cat to drown.

I pulled the boat up beside it and we realized it was a tiny kitten just barely clinging to life! He could barely keep his head above the water at this point. He had no chance without us,” one of the men said.

The kitten was shaken and frightened, and once it calmed down, they were able to put it in a towel to warm up and dry off. They immediately took it to the vet, and the fees were paid by the rescuers.

The man, Reece Newman, decided to adopt the kitten and took it home.The kitten only had a scratch on its nose from trying to climb the concrete pillars of the bridge, but other than that, was in perfect health. They don’t know what kind of car tossed this kitten to its death as they were directly under the bridge at the time, but they sure are glad that they were there when it happened!

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