They Said She Was “Too Big” To Fit On The Amusement Park Rides. She Loses 160 Pounds And Proves Everyone WRONG!

Stephanie Chavez traveled to Orlando, Florida to visit Harry Potter World back in 2010. She and her family had been huge fans of the books and movies, so getting to visit the theme park was a dream come true. But that excitement was short-lived when she was turned away at every ride. At 308 pounds, she was too large to safely board the rides, and she says it was the biggest embarrassment of her life.

She had tried to lose weight in the past with everything from pills to fad diets, but other than losing a few pounds and instantly gaining them back, she thought that it was a hopeless cause. Nothing was working.

She didn’t have the stamina to go out for walks with her children or play with them at the park and it was killing her. She knew that she needed to change but didn’t know where to start. 7.12a3

Finally, with the birth of her second son, she decided to get serious. The infant was born with complications and had to undergo surgery, and witnessing her tiny son endure the procedures emboldened her to take the steps she needed to become healthy – for him.

She went to her local gym and started working with a trainer. They developed an exercise program that fit her lifestyle and stuck to a clean-eating plan. And withing weeks she began to see real improvements. She was turning her life around. She could walk the block with her kids and not get winded. She became more active once the pounds started to fall off. 7.12a4

She lost 160 pounds and now competes in the World Beauty Fitness Fashion competitions – and she wins them! It took everything she had to reach her goal, and the time she gets to spend with her family makes every sacrifice worth it.

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