They Picked Up Their Pet From A Grooming Session…Then They Noticed THIS Under His Fur!

A little corgi named Jasper lived through a nightmare when he was dropped off at the local veterinary clinic in Iowa for his regular grooming session. He needed to be bathed, trimmed, and have his nails cut. What he didn’t need was to be brutally attacked by Lucas Van Orden…

When Jasper’s owners picked him up, they noticed that he was acting very strangely. He was walking slowly, his ears were down, and he was skittish around everyone. He began to limp on his way out, and he refused to jump into the car when they tried to go home. They tried to pick him up, but he screamed in pain. Dogs rarely scream, so hearing such a terrifying sound coming from their beloved pet told them that something more than just a typical grooming had occurred when they left Jasper in the care of the vet.
8.2a17Jasper was rushed to an emergency veterinary hospital. They treated him for bruised lungs, fractured ribs, and air trapped under the skin…all injuries that shouldn’t have been sustained at a grooming session.

Orden, the 22-year-old who was in charge of Jasper’s visit, confessed to kicking Jasper during the session. He is no longer an employee of the clinic due to his horrendous actions. Despite the extent of Jasper’s injuries, Orden is facing a citation for “animal neglect.” This case seems like a lot more than just “neglect,” but we suppose that is up to the courts to decide in the end.

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