They Ordered Supplies From KMart, But When The Package Arrived, There Was A Card From The Employees

Brian Humphries ordered hurricane supplies from Kmart online instead of trying to fight the crowds at the stores in his area. The store that was assigned to fill their order realized that the supplies were for people about to get hit by the hurricane heading for Florida. The employees had an idea and decided to do something to help. They couldn’t refund the purchase or authorize any free items, but they could help to pay for it!

They bought a card and pooled their cash, coming up with 25 dollars between them and writing out a sweet card, wishing the strangers good luck from the impending storm.Humphries was touched at their generosity! He took pictures of their card and decided to post it on Facebook, hoping that they would see that their gift made it and was appreciated.

While he didn’t need the money, he decided to donate it to people who did need help finding supplies, paying their kindness forward. He hopes that by sharing his story, others will feel moved to do the same.

The world could use a bit more kindness, and if sharing a photo online will make any difference at all, he’s happy to do it.

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