They Opened These Chocolates…And What They Saw Led To A TIRADE On Social Media! Yikes!

There have been multiple controversies as a result of the holidays this year. Starbuck’s “Red Cup,” Target’s “OCD Sweater,” and now we have been blessed with the hilarious “Reese’s Christmas Tree.” This one is great. I can’t stop chuckling at my desk. People keep asking me if I’m okay. Seriously. Read on.

So it started with this festive bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter “Trees,” obviously trying to stay festive for the holiday season. Perhaps these wouldn’t be such a disaster if they didn’t cost DOUBLE what a regular peanut butter cup costs at the store. Perhaps people are just looking for something to complain about. I’ll leave this distinction up to you.  


There was no end to the snarky replies and sarcastic questions directed at the chocolate maker.


Some responses were outright hostile! (Hey, I’m sure these trees tasted delicious, regardless of how ugly they were.


The company took this opportunity to weigh in the debate, taking on the body image platform with a very obvious attempt to justify their lumpy, shapeless chocolates. 


That didn’t do very much to mollify baffled consumers, so the next day they released another tweet, as equally confusing.


We get it, Reese’s, you tried. Although I will point out that every “tree” they used does not resemble the blob-shaped monstrosities that people are finding when they open up a wrapped “tree.” Regardless, the company’s twitter account tried again.


You know what? I give up. This is the most ridiculous controversy this year, but it’s just so funny! I really do wonder who looked at those misshapen chocolate globs and said, “yes, that kind of looks like a tree. You can go ahead and charge double for festive packaging.”

Did that stop anyone from eating these hideous tress after opening up the packages and taking pictures? Of course not! Who doesn’t love the delicious mix of chocolate and peanut butter?! 

In conclusion: these chocolates are unfortunate to look at and they are outrageously over-prices, but they are still just as delicious as ever. 

What did you think about this giant mess on Twitter? I, for one, think it’s hilarious.

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