They Opened Their Pet Grooming Shop At Midnight To Help Save This Dog’s Life!

When BGE Grooming learned about this dog, they knew it was an emergency. It didn’t matter that is was nearing midnight. The owner opened the shop and jumped in to help.

This dog had been rescued from the side of the road after it had nearly been hit by a car. The woman who found it wasn’t able to take it in for the night and needed help. The owner of the salon, Kari Falla, contacted the woman via Facebook and told her to bring the animal to her shop. It was midnight when the woman arrived, but Falla got to work. It took two hours to shave the painful mats off of the dog, and the bruising and swelling from the matted fur was severe. It took another hour to give him a proper cleaning. Two flea baths and too soothing baths were the most that the salon could do before taking him to a vet to get a check up.

Pictures don’t even come close to showing how bad these mats were. They were soaking wet, infested with fleas, full of yeast infection and attached like a mummified cast. The smell was horrendous.” She said. “It smelled like death.”

After visiting the vet, they confirmed that this poor dog was deaf and blind. They decided to call him Lucky, and after realizing the huge pile of fur could have ended his life, were stunned. According to the law, they have to adhere to a quarantine period while they try to locate the owner “in good faith,” a law that applies to all lost and abandoned dogs…but people hope that the owner never finds out and that Lucky can get a new chance at life with a caring forever home!

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