They Opened A Pizza Shop Specifically For THESE Kids To Work There!

They opened a pizzeria, and the story has gone so VIRAL that they can’t keep pizzas in the oven!

Walter and Judy Gloshinski decided to open this “mom and pop” pizza place with a $300,000 business loan to get it started.


Walter worked for 25 years as a special education teacher in three states, so he knows what he’s talking about from first-hand experience when he says that the country does not provide a decent education for kids with disabilities. He decided to start programs where kids with disabilities could learn to work in bakeries and pizzerias.

But once he retired, he wanted to continue his work. 3.2a5

We did it because it needed to be done. There are no jobs out there for these kids, so they are being prepared for nothing. We decided to open a pizzeria, and we are doing this all on our own dime. Everyone always thinks that “other people” will take care of people with disabilities.”

They hire these kids who want to learn and work and make a difference. They want to support themselves and they want to learn as much as they can before they start “real life.”

The community has responded in an incredible show of support. 3.2a6


Tonight we ran out of dough at 6:30. There were lines outside before we opened the door at 5 and every table full within minutes. We are sorry some people got the bad news and no pizza. It was hard telling people this but our process of making dough requires a detailed fermentation and because of this 99% of pizzerias won’t do it but we have to do it this way for the flavor of the dough. We are a small mom/pop operation (and at retirement age as well) with 1 phone line and limited work space and is the kind of shop I grew up with back in NJ but in todays world it is a bit off center I reckon.”

I think this business will do just fine!

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