They Offered A $10,000 Reward For Their Dog Stolen In Brad Daylight!

Maggie is a 4-month-old Boston terrier pup who was stolen from Michael Steel’s car on a Tuesday afternoon…carrier and all! She and her husband were absolutely crushed to learn that their puppy had been taken when thieves broke into the car, but not surprised.

They decided to offer a reward that would get people’s attention. You’ve seen fliers offering rewards for $100, but have you seen rewards of 5-digits before? That’s what they were counting on. They created eye-catching fliers and posted them in as many places as they could think of.

They just wanted their dog back.

The little newborn pup had a wide range of health issues when they first purchased her from a pet shop. Parasites, “kennel cough,” and low weight were a number of concerns, and they feared that without her regular medication, she might not make it.

They settled on a $10,000 reward because it would be well over the resale value of the dog – a Boston terrier can be sold for around $1,500 – and to encourage people to keep their eyes open and really look for their precious pooch.

But a local high school kid found the stolen puppy near the Petworth Metro station and took her home. When she heard about the reward, she took the friendly dog back to her owners. 5.17a80Michael wrote her a checkfor the full reward. The 18-year-old was ecstatic and was excited to use some of the reward money to have an awesome prom night!

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