They Never Learn! Body Builder Snaps Photo And Shares It With 17,000 Fans. Her “Apology” Is Infuriating!

People go to the gym to lose weight and stay in shape…but some people, like Diana Andrews, think that the gym is for making fun of people who are just trying to get healthy.

Andrews, a body builder with 17,000 followers on Instagram, thought it was perfectly fine to sneak a picture of this woman on a treadmill with the caption: “Love handles” A second post followed to say that the woman was probably on the phone to order three cheeseburgers. The fat shaming post didn’t go over well with her fans, and she instantly saw the repercussions of her actions.
People were outraged. Andrews was proclaiming to be a fitness role model and should be encouraging women to go out and hit the gym, but instead, she was posting secret photos and making fun of someone else’s struggles. Here’s a tip: don’t take pictures of strangers at the gym. She should have learned after Dani Mathers posted a naked woman┬áin the gym showers on her own snap chat.

Andrew’s “apology” insisting that it was all a joke about the woman using the phone fell flat – what did “love handles” have to do with being on the phone? What did cheeseburgers have to do with being at the gym?
She has since locked all of her accounts as her explanations fell on deaf ears. How about we stop taking pictures of strangers at the gym?

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