They Needed To Get Back To Their Hotel, But Her Husband Thought THIS Was More Important

Heather’s husband was going to be upset when he learned that his wife had taken this picture of him, but in that moment, she realized that she had never loved him more. Throughout their entire marriage, she knew that she had chosen the right man to love and support, but when she witnessed him doing this, she just had to take a picture.

This moment made me fall in love with my husband all over again.” She wrote.

The couple was staying in a hotel in downtown Baltimore and were walking the few blocks at the end of their busy day. They passed a homeless man having trouble with his wheelchair. His legs didn’t work well enough to pull himself along, and had been slowly making his way down the sidewalk with short bursts of energy before needing to stop and take a break.

My husband just got right behind him and pushed him up several blocks to where he needed to be. Engaging him, talking to him, praying for him, and all I could do was cry and thank God for this man He gave to me.”


Others had simply been walking around the man in the wheelchair, passing by without a second glance. They couldn’t be bothered to help.

But her husband saw an opportunity to make someone else’s life a little easier and he didn’t even need to stop and think about whether or not he should. She just had to share!
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