They Needed Help Keeping Track Of Everyone’s Schedule…So She PAINTED A Calendar On The Wall!

Small calendars get filled too quickly, and calendars in a notebook sometimes get lost. One mom’s solution was to physically paint a calendar onto the wall of her mudroom! No one could accidentally shove it into their backpack, no one could leave it on the dining room table…it would always be just where it needed to be!

First, she made a plan! She measured out the wall and decided what each measurement needed to be in order for everything to fit perfectly.11-4a17Then, she used a number of tools to not only transfer her design onto the wall, but to tape it off and make sure that each line was as straight as possible. She used chalk board paint, a paint specifically made to mimic an actual chalk board!

She used three coats of paint to get the dark, smooth color that she was hoping for. Using painter’s tape gave her perfect lines, but you may choose to try a different method if it works better for you.11-4a21Now, there was no confusion! At the beginning of the month, she could erase everything and re-do the dates. Easy as pie!11-4a20You have total freedom when it comes to a project like this! Make a traditional calendar, or mix it up to fit your own schedule (does your week start on a Tuesday, for example?) The greatest part of this project is that it can never get lost!11-4a15

Would a project like this work in your home? Or is it just too much work? You can find more details on this project here! If you want to see what she did with the rest of the hallway, click here.

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