They Might Not Have Won The Competition, But They Did Win The Internet

When Jeremy Miner went to find his son after the Iowa State Fair dairy cattle show, he didn’t realize that he would end up with a viral story that would warm just about everyone’s hearts.

His 15-year-old son, Mitchell, was recovering from a loss at the fair. He and his cow, Audri, had finished 5th place out of seven. They had worked hard together leading up to the show, but the competition was just too tough this time around. It had been a busy week, and when the pair found themselves with a bit of downtime after the show, they took advantage of it to catch some rest.

Dad posted the picture to Facebook, thinking their friends and family would enjoy seeing his son and Audri catching Z’s together…he had no idea that just a day later, he’d have gone viral with over 15,000 likes!

Once the story broke, they decided to share a bit about their family’s summer activity.


The family “borrows” animals from their local dairy farm over the summer so that their children will get a feel for what it means to work hard, care for animals, and connect with their roots. They don’t live near near the dairy farm, so her family appreciates the opportunity to care for the cows.

Once the shows have finished, Audri will be returned to her dairy farm.

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