They Met In College And Remained Friends For Years. When He Finally Proposed, She Said THIS, And His Friends Couldn’t Understand His Reaction.

It seems to only happen in the movies. Someone finds the “love of their life,” and after many trials and struggles, the heroes of the story can finally be together, riding off into the sunset, destined to live out their lives in endless bliss with no troubles in sight. Real life isn’t always so romantic, and in this case, can be downright heartbreaking.

He met her when they were just starting out in college. They didn’t have the same major, but they saw each other frequently at the cafeteria and between classes. She wasn’t the most beautiful girl on campus, but to him, she was everything. She had a laugh that was contagious and a smile that could light up a room.

He used to dream about her, too. He would imagine what it would be like to spend the rest of life with her. His friends told him, “why do you dream so much about her, when you don’t even know if she loves you or not?”

“Because,” he would saw with a silly grin on his face, “I just know that we were meant to be. She’s perfect. She’s everything I’ve been looking for.”

They would laugh and tease him for his infatuation, but one day, one of them said something that stuck with him for the rest of the week.

“First, you’ve got to tell her how you feel. You spend so much time dreaming about it, we’re graduation soon. You should do something about it.”

He thought about it, and the more he though, the more he felt that it was the only way to move on with his life – with her in it.

She had known from the beginning on their friendship how he felt about her, but she had always hoped that he would meet someone else. She valued him as a friend, but had never had any romantic feelings for him. One day, he took her on a walk out to their favorite place to study. The weather was beautiful and it would have made for such a touching scene, but when he got down on one knee, with a heavy heart, she rejected him.

His friends thought he would turn to alcohol or drugs and ruin his life after being turned down by “the one.”  To their surprise, he was not depressed. A few days later, he was back to normal, a little sad, but ready to move on with his life.

When they asked him how he managed to stay so optimistic, he replied with a sad smile. “‘Why should I feel bad for myself? I feel worse for her. I lost someone who never loved me in the first place, and she lost someone who would have loved her until the day that she died. She may have been everything that I was looking for, but I wasn’t everything that she was looking for.”

This is a new way to look at a lost love, and I really like it. Instead of dwelling on the past or what could have been, moving on can be about finding someone even better who can love you in the way the you love them. This guy will take all of his love and give it to the next person, and if they love him back, then they can ride off into the sunset to live out their happily ever after. This is sweet!

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