They Met At The Gym And Couldn’t Live Without The Other For Another Moment!

Exercise becomes more and more important as we age, and as one newlywed couple will tell you, it might even end up changing your life forever!

Gertrude and Alvin went to the same gym twice a week to stay healthy and get their recommended amounts of exercise…but they had no idea that something as simple as going to the gym would lead them down such an unexpected path. Gertrude, at 98, really didn’t think she would ever walk down the isle so late in life. Alvin, at a slightly younger 94, was ecstatic for the opportunity.
The couple has been together for nearly a decade, and their friends teased Alvin ruthlessly for dating a “cougar,” or a woman who dates younger men.

But the age difference never really bothered me because we just hit it off, and I wasn’t about to let her go.” Alvin said.

In the end, it was Gertrude who asked him to marry her. Apparently, she was tired of chasing him!

They have advice for others looking to live longer lives and find a love like theirs:

One part of it is medical science, but the bigger part is that we live worry-free lives; we do not let anything we cannot control bother us in the least.” Alvin offered up.

What more reason is there to go to a gym? For one, you might live longer…for two, you might find true love!

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