They May Be Separated, But They’re In This Together

Wesley and Nicole are expecting a child, but when it came time to take her maternity photographs, she was all alone. You see, her husband was over 7,000 miles away and couldn’t be there for her. He wouldn’t be in any of the pictures and was going to miss out on the experience…but one photographer wasn’t going to let that happen!

While he couldn’t be there in person, he could be there in spirit. She used her skillset to merge their two pictures together, placing them side by side. The picture that Wesley was able to take didn’t have as much detail, but the sentiment behind it mattered more than the quality. He was so far away, but for just one moment, he seemed closer than ever!The picture plucked at the heartstrings of thousands of military families who experience the same thing year after year. Missing important holidays, birthdays, and sometimes, even the birth of a child simply comes with the territory. Sacrificing their time for the greater good doesn’t have to mean that they get left out completely. More and more families are finding clever ways to include their family members in their pictures, and this one is just too beautiful!

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