They Managed A Perfect “Dip” Shot…Moments Before They Tumbled To The Ground!

Leann and Jim wanted a romantic photo session for their wedding in a plush, gorgeous vineyard. Lined with rows of vines, the happy couple stood between two rows and took dozens of beautiful, candid pictures…until they decided to try something new!

The classic “dip kiss” shot is difficult to pull off, but perfect to frame and hang over a mantelpiece! Jim leaned Leann over his knee, and they thought they had managed it…until they both fell down! He knew they were going down!

Most brides might absolutely lose it if they fell into the grass and mud on their wedding day, but not this girl! She was all smiles and laughter, which made the moment an awesome one to remember.” The photographers at Lauren Halvorson Photography wrote.

Those grass stains would have been awful to remove from white fabric…But he never let her touch the ground! Even though he lost his balance and fell to the ground, he still managed to keep her clean and tidy!The small, unexpected hiccups on a wedding day happen to everyone, but the way they get handled say a lot about the people involved! She could have gotten mad. He could have gotten frustrated.

Instead…they chose to laugh together!

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