They Made Him Cut Down A Tree From His Front Yard…Instead He Carved A HUGE Sculpture! Would You Live Next To THIS?!

Everyone has those neighbors…You know, the ones who complain about everything? As soon as your hedges aren’t perfectly trimmed, or a bit of paint scrapes off of your fence post, or one of your guests parks two inches onto their property, they begin complaining. Sometimes, it can feel as if their entire goal in life is to nitpick and criticize yours. Did you postpone cutting your grass by one weekend? They noticed, and they complained. Did you leave your Christmas decorations up past New Years? You guess it, another complaint.

So when one man found himself needing to get rid of a tree due to a neighbor’s complaint…he turned it into art.

Parts of this tree were dead, and branches were falling around dangerously. He probably would have removed the tree himself in due time. But when a nosy neighbor decided to force his hand, he decided to do something awesome about it instead.

He hired an artist to come out and turn his “eyesore” into something that was sure to make that neighbor regret ever picking a fight! Isn’t it glorious? If only we could all get away with something as magnificent as this.

The next time you need to get rid of a tree, maybe you’ll want to make a giant dragon sculpture instead. Who knows!

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