They Made Fun Of Him EVERY Chance They Got…But They Never Realized That THIS Could Happen! OMG!

It’s easy for students to pick on the “weird” kid. Growing up, there were always “those” kids that kept to themselves or ate lunch under the stairs. I always smiled at them in the hallways because my little sister was one of them – I wasn’t friends with them, but she was, so I saw them at the house occasionally. I always felt guilty when my other classmates would talk bad about those kids, but I never stood up for them, either. I would silently disagree and open my notebook instead, trying not to participate in their conversations. I look back on those times and cringe thinking that I should have tried harder to stand up for the kids being bullied, but thankfully nothing like THIS happened at my school…


Did you pick on that kid in school? Were YOU the one who was picked on? Were you the one who bullied those kids? I might not be able to take a time machine and fix my past mistakes, but what we can ALL do is spread the word about how harmful bullying can be and try to teach our children to be kind and look out for the kids who might need a friend more than anyone else! Compassion and kindness are things that every child should learn in school, and it breaks my heart that Charlie ended his life due to bullying!

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