They Lost Their Son’s FAVORITE Toy…”He’s Not Lost, He’s Just Traveling!” They Ask The Internet For HELP!

These parents were frantically searching for their son’s favorite stuffed toy when they made a horrifying realization…they had LOST it! For parents who have ever raised young children, you know that this can be a devastating thing. A favorite blanket or toy becomes a security item, and losing it can lead to confusion and hurt in your little one. So, instead of telling him that his stuffed elephant was gone forever, they told him that it was “traveling” while they scoured online for a new one to replace it!7.3a9

But how could he believe that his favorite toy was traveling? They enlisted the help of an online forum full of people who manipulate photos with their computer (PhotoShop). The results came pouring in, and the parents were able to create postcards with the images that were made for him!

7.3a5The images were very convincing, and they had new adventures to share with their son while they waited on the replacement toy. 7.3a6The pictures are great, and their son will learn all about different countries, too!7.3a7Visiting exotic locations and learning about new cultures might be a little too advanced for the toddler, but at least he knows that his favorite toy is out having fun. It also gives mom and dad a break. Any time he gets sad over losing his toy, they can look at the “adventures” to cheer him up!7.3a8The internet was more than willing to help this family out, and now, they have more adventures than they could ever have hoped for!

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