They Left THIS Out On The Counter For 6 YEARS…And It STILL Hasn’t Decomposed!!

How often do you pay attention to your child’s nutrition? Obviously, we try to keep them eating as healthy as possible (don’t worry, we’ve all been through the ‘I only want to eat peanut butter and jelly without the crusts!!’ phase – you aren’t alone) but sometimes we want to give them treats as well. A cookie here, a piece of cake there, a bit of soda every now and again…but what about on the days when we’re running what seems like hundreds of errands and the kids are starving? The easiest option is to pull through a fast food joint and get them something off of the kid’s menu. But after seeing THIS, I’m not so sure…


Jennifer’s post has gone VIRAL across the internet. There have been multiple unofficial tests done on the burgers from fast food restaurants, claiming that they won’t decompose…but fries and chicken nuggets? That’s something new! While many moms are screaming, “I knew it!” many are skeptical as to the way these foods have been preserved. Keeping fries at room temperature will dry them out, and if given the right conditions and temperatures, some foods will dry out before they have the chance to mold over and rot. In a cool office setting, it’s not surprising that the nuggets would shrivel up and dry out before they got the chance to decompose. What do YOU think about this perfectly preserved kid’s meal? 

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