They Left 15,000 Coins By The Canal To See What Would Happen. People Surprised Them.

It was like finding a dragon’s treasure – the large pile of “worthless” coins were left by an artist and filmed to see how the general public would react to the heavy, cumbersome coin pile. Would they immediately scoop it all up? Would they add their own pocket change and make it bigger? Would they completely ignore it? They had no idea. The pile was an impressive £300 worth, but all piled up in useless 2p coins, they wondered if it would change the public’s perspective.A family stopped to play in the coins like a sand pile before eventually going on their way.
One guy stopped to take a cool picture of his umbrella on top of the majestic pile of coins.Another family let their son pick up “as many as he could carry,” and he had to put some back because his bag was too heavy. One man “made it rain” by filming himself being showered in the coins briefly. Others took pictures, posed, kicked the coins around a bit, and just generally laughed at the spectacle.

But then these guys showed up, took them all, and ruined the fun.What would you have done if you stumbled across a large pile of coins on the sidewalk?

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