They Just Wanted To BBQ On Their Patio…Unfortunately, This Horrific Spider Had Other Plans.

One Sunday evening, Lauren came home to what would be a very frightening and stressful ordeal. She and her boyfriend had made plans to grill on their patio that night for dinner, but it turns out that an angry spider happened to have a different idea of how the night should go.

Perched on the glass door to her patio was a huge Huntsman spider that was roughly the size of a large dinner plate. You’d think that there was enough evil in the world, but apparently, nature had a look at said “eh, giant spiders sounds like a great idea, I’ll add some of those.” Thanks, nature.As they tried to wiggle the door and get the spider to move, they only succeeded in making it angry and pensive. Great. Now they had an unhappy spider in between them and their lovely patio grill.Her boyfriend went around and brought their cat out to look at the spider, hoping that maybe the feline would feel like playing with (or, you know, pouncing at) the spider to make it leave. Their cat was not amused and apparently didn’t care that a spider half of her size was hanging out on their door.

Eventually, the spider had enough of being filmed and jostled, running off into their nearby garden.

No, thanks, Australia. You can keep your giant, angry spiders.

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