They Just Wanted A Fun Family Picture…Wait Until You Scroll Down! OMG!

Family portraits are usually a hectic affair. Trying to get everyone to dress up, figuring out if clothing colors match, and hoping that everyone is smiling (at the very least, not blinking) is enough to frustrate any family. Planning ahead, organizing everyone’s schedules to make room for it, and making sure everything is good to go for the picture is a lot to handle, but these things can get infinitely more complicated when pets are involved.

No one ever plans for a dog bite.

Donal Skehan, a television host and YouTuber, was just out taking some nice photos with his parents when the family dog decided that all of the excitement was just too much to handle. They wanted to have a “jumping shot,” but all of the commotion sent their dog, Max, into a wild frenzy!

My dad would like it pointed out that he was wearing low-crotched shorts and that Max has a very gummy bite and that the family jewels are all still in tact! The Christmas cards are gonna look great this year- Family photo gold!” Skehan wrote.

After they saw how humorous the picture was, Skehan shared it on social media, much to the delight of his friends, family, and fans! This hilarious picture is just too cute!

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