They Invited 1,100 Guests To Their Destination Wedding…Yes, Those Guests Were All Cats.

It’s called Cat House on the Kings, and it resides in Pariler, California. It is known for being North America’s largest no-kill, no-cage cat sanctuary. This magical place has been open for over 24 years and has been home to thousands of animals over the years! So for a couple of cat-lovers, getting married at the ultimate cat haven made “purrfect” sense!5.17a71

Louise and Dominic exchanged their vows and pledged themselves to one another among their many, many, many guests! It was a dream come true.

After three years of dating, they decided that there was no one else they would rather be with, and their love of animals was shared with equal passion.

The couple initially visited the Cat House back in 2012, and loved it so much that they knew they would want to visit again before long. But they never could get it out of their minds. When it came time to choose a venue, they knew exactly where they wanted to go! They flew over 3,000 miles to have their wedding in the location of their dreams.5.17a72

They called the founder of the Cat House and asked her to officiate the wedding. At first, she refused. She was nervous that she would forget her lines! But after she realized how much this couple adored the location, she gave in and did a wonderful job.5.17a73

The couple was married in a place they loved surrounded by the people and feline friends that they loved, promising to love each other forever.5.17a74

No surprisingly, a cat made it into nearly every single photograph from the event…and these two lovebirds wouldn’t have it any other way!

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