They Heard A Puppy Whining From A Drain And Animal Control Hadn’t Responded

On Friday morning, the sounds of a scared puppy echoed across the street. She had fallen through an opening to a storm drain four feet underground and gotten stuck farther down after a steep dropoff inside of the drainage system. They called animal control, but after an entire day and no realistic answer to their problem, these brave folks decided to take matters into their own hands.

Rescuers from the Clarksdale Animal Rescue Effort and Shelter took a look at the problem and blocked off a lane of traffic. They lowered food and water into the drain, but the puppy was stuck farther down in the drain. They had to get creative and solicited the help of a large piece of machinery to remove the top of the drain.While they usually leave the animal rescue to they city’s animal control avenues, in this case, the puppy couldn’t wait even a few more hours. Their smallest volunteer shuffled into the pipe, head first, and climbed through waste and dirt and garbage to reach the terrified puppy.

The puppy was happy to see a kind face, and the rescue shelter immediately got her started on the road to recovery.
While she isn’t up for adoption just yet, they hope to be able to find a forever home for her very soon!There is no guarantee that the puppy would have survived, but thanks to these persistent humans, she lives to see another day!

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