They Have The BIGGEST Argument Of Their Marriage…This Husband Doesn’t Know When To QUIT!!

Have you ever been so angry during an argument that you couldn’t even SEE straight?! The worst arguments are between people who know each other really well. They know exactly what to say to REALLY get under the other person’s skin. This usually means that one little argument can easily blow up into three or four HUGE arguments…one small disagreement might turn into a weekend-long fight! I just feel so bad for this couple…they couldn’t seem to stop!

A husband and wife were going on a trip. It had been a terribly long car ride, but they were still less than halfway to their destination. They had started to argue about every little thing, and finally the husband gave up and they drove in an angry silence for dozens of miles. After a while, the husband grew tired of the tension and turned on the radio as loud as he could stand it. They drove with the loud, angry music blaring from the speakers and hoped the trip would be over soon.

At one point, the wife grew tired of the argument and turned down the radio. Instead of asking if she wanted to talk, the husband just said, “are you done pouting yet?” This of course led to an even bigger argument that ended when neither of them wanted to give up and apologize.

They passed a large section of farmland when the wife spotted her chance to get even. She pointed out of the window.

“Oh, look! Are those your relatives?!”

She laughed at her own joke, but he didn’t take the bait.

“Yes,” he replied with a smug look on his face. “Those are my in-laws.”

The deputies couldn’t figure out why the car had suddenly ended up in a nearby ditch, and the couple wasn’t talking.

Without anything to distract them from their argument, it really took a toll on their relationship! What would you have done if this had been you?! I can’t even imagine how angry they must have been to have escalated so quickly! How will they ever move past THIS fiasco? Note to self: do not have a major argument in the middle of a 10-hour car ride! 

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