They Had No Idea What This Mass Of Fur Was…But When They Shaved It? OMG!

When rescuers encountered this lump of moldy, smelly fur, they had no idea what they were in for. The rancid fumes made everyone give this animal a wide berth, but the staff at Chicago’s Trio Animal Foundation wasn’t deterred. They were determined to help this…creature.The animal was too scared of humans to let anyone near, so it spend days in the cage, weighed down by matted fur and being chewed on by flies and gnats. But after they won her over with treats and kind words, the poor animals was eventually coaxed into a grooming session. It turned out to be a female dog! They named her Ellen.
The grooming took nearly two hours, and the staff was shocked to find such a small dog trapped under all of that fur!After a bath and medical treatment, she was finally able to rest. They started her on physical therapy to gain strength back in her limbs and help her circulation. She attended training and therapy sessions until finally, someone was able to adopt her!The adorable dog was layered under mounds of fur, but even the weight of all that mess couldn’t keep her down! She was adopted by someone who understood Ellen’s needs, and she is excited to start her new life in a new home!

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