They Had A Crazy Idea For A Photo Shoot, But After You Hear Their Story? Heartwarming!

At first glance, a professional photo of two grown adults holding a pair of feet might seem strange, but this quirky couple has an incredible story that absolutely makes up for the shock of their eclectic photo session.

Rebecca and David have known each other since they were five years old. They grew up together, went to church together, and attended the same high school. During their sophomore year (history class, specifically, David remembers), Rebecca showed David the ultrasound of their baby-on-the-way. He was floored. Being so young, their relationship didn’t survive the chaos of pregnancy, and they broke up.

Rebecca moved away and started a new life with a new husband, eventually having another child. Over a decade later, her husband passed away and she decided to move closer to her first son’s family – back to their hometown – where she was reconnected with her old flame.

There, she discovered that David’s late wife passed away after a battle with cancer. Their relationship was a lot different than it had been 21 years ago. They had both grown, matured, and found new roles in life.

One of her biggest regrets, however, was never having taken “newborn pictures” of their son together. That’s when they had an idea…what was stopping them?
Their son was a good sport and went along with his parents’ crazy idea, swaddled up in a large blanket and posing in those typical newborn-style poses with good humor. Rebecca finally got the photos she had always wanted…even if they were two decades late!
They had come full circle, and in the end, they found something new.

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