They Got On The Ground To Form An Arrow. Their Help Led To The Arrest Of TWO Men!

Two men were fleeing from the police in a small village outside of London when the National Police Air Service lost sight of their suspects. The men split off across an expansive field, losing their tail and thinking that they had made a clean getaway…

Not the watch of these vigilant youngsters! They figured out what was happening and laid on the ground, forming an arrow with their bodies!

They had probably seen the suspects trying to run, and shortly after, heard the loud whirring of a helicopter getting closer and wanted to help out! The officers were circling the wrong direction, so these kids didn’t hesitate to get on the ground and give the officers a new heading!


The crew was able to relay the children’s information to officers on the ground, who apprehended the suspects a short time later and are out on bail, pending an investigation.

When they asked the children about what they had done, they learned that the kids had been participating in an Easter egg hunt before realizing that the police needed help! They were rewarded with more chocolate, of course, and the police were grateful for the unexpected help!

Many people are impressed at the quick-thinking of these children and admit that they probably wouldn’t have thought to try this out themselves! How incredible!

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