They Discovered A New Way To Use A Colander…But People Want To Know WHY!

After the confusing post was shared by hundreds of thousands of people, the overall conclusion was simply one question:


It starts out innocently enough. A single picture of a colander hovering above a pot filled with cooked pasta. And then it takes a confusing turn for the complicated when instead of pouring the pasta into the strainer in the sink, Ann Wenita put the colander on TOP of the pot.…And proceeds to pour the water out of the pot THROUGH the colander. How? Why? What made them think of this?

Apparently, the colander was the exact size of the pot and it just seemed like a good idea. The pasta must have been sitting there for a while before the decision was made because as many people quickly pointed out, the steam coming up from the hot water would have definitely burned their hand in an instant.

Am I the only one who never figured this out??” Wenita wrote.

No, but most people don’t enjoy accidentally dumping their noodles down the drain when the plastic inevitably slips, or when the steam makes them drop it onto the floor.
Over 100,000 people liked and shared the idea, mostly laughing at it, but more planning to try it out and see if there really is a difference! Others simply linked to pots made specifically for pasta that came with strainers built into the lids!

How do YOU use a colander?

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