They Discovered A Dove’s Nest On Their Patrol Car…With EGGS Inside! They Had The BEST Response!

In Parma, Ohio, a mourning dove was discovered on their patrol car. When they got closer, they realized that the dove had build a nest just under the windshield wipers and was sitting on two eggs! Instead of cleaning the nest out and shooing the dove away, they decided to make the bird more comfortable…a LOT more comfortable!

The roped off the area with police tape and attached an umbrella to the windshield of the car. This would keep bystanders away and keep the rain off of the little dove’s nest! They thought the mama bird might be hungry, too, so they decided to dig up some worms and leave them near her beak. They just wanted keep mama bird well-nourished and protected while her babies hatched!6.22a2

They really went beyond the call of duty in this case. The mother dove ended up staying on the patrol car for one week while she protected her young hatchlings.

Our officers are human beings just like anyone else. We care for all lives human and animal so the officers took a carrier to this bird, which they nicknamed Gerty, is taken care of and can take care of her young in the cruiser.”┬áLt. Kevin Riley of the Parma Police Department┬ásaid.6.22a3

The department made sure to clarify that protecting the bird did not stop them from doing their everyday duties, and that there were more than enough patrol cars to go around.

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