They Discovered 40 Cats And Kittens Struggling For Survival In This Abandoned House

When they discovered that a hoarding situation involved dozens of cats, volunteers knew that it was going to be a difficult job to save the cats and kittens from their cruel fate. Locked inside of this filthy home, the cats fought for survival, enduring contagious infections, fleas, and even battling each other for precious resources.

Rescuers couldn’t enter the home without first putting on their hazmat suits, but they were going to save these cats if it was the last thing they did.The landlord knew that the property had been empty for 8 months but was horrified to discover the state that the home had been left in and knew the animals needed serious help.

On the first day, they focused on saving the kittens, some of which were only days old. The younger cats were easier to capture and were able to receive care from a local vet that same day. The older cats would be more of a challenge. They came back again and were determined to save the cats. They worked tirelessly to wrangle the cats – some of them were very determined not to be caught – but in the end, they managed to rescue each and every one. Thanks to donations from the community, they were able to purchase everything they needed to make the rescue a success, and the cats are well on their way to finding new homes.

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