They Deemed Her “Too Ugly” To Date. Their Reason Seems Offensive After You See The OTHER Half Of Her Face

How would you feel if you received an email from someone solely because of the way that you look? If it was for some modeling show that scouted for super-hot-wow-you’re-awesome people, you might be flattered. But what if the tagline was from the British television series called “The Undateables” and “Too Ugly For Love” – what would you have to say to that? You, like Lexxie Harford, would probably be offended…especially if you aren’t actually “too ugly for love.” She was so shocked by the request that she decided to do something about it…and we all know that the best way to spread the word about something terrible is to put it online!

You see, Lexxie was born with a large birthmark that covered nearly half of her face. On top of that, she was also born with heterochromia iridum, meaning that her eyes are different colors. One is green, and one is blue. For some reason, the television station thought that she would be the perfect candidate for their show…after all, with a birthmark like that, she should feel like she’ll never fit in and find a partner in life…right?


Lexxie decided to post her 3 favorite selfies online in protest to how she “should” feel about her own body. And she had something incredible to say when she did.

I want to answer questions because I’m used to people being very curious.

1. I make a great sandwich.



2. People do mistake it for a bruise, but a lot less common than you’d think.

3. I’m absolutely not self conscious about it at all. I actually like it a lot.



4. my right eye is green and my left eye is blue, but it’s not always noticeable in lighting. I’ll upload images specific to that + my birthmark covered for people interested.

5. ‘what’s the point’ – well, a lot of people are curious, or a lot of people with birthmarks cover them, so I like to show it off to raise awareness. 🙂


This is awesome! Although many of the comments have been rude (and some of them have been downright nasty), she hasn’t let any of it get to her! She doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her body. And that’s the way that it should be!

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