They Decided To Recreate This Picture 50 Years Later – When You See It? Stunning!

In June of 1967, a spectacular moment was captured in a single photograph. 50 years later, the story continues as this couple recreates the magic moment in perfect fashion.

Mike and Carol exchanged their vows on June 3, 1967, and the romance that followed held strong for five decades. They brought six children into the world together, and watched as their children grew up to find loves of their own.

50 years later, they are surrounded by 21 grandchildren and one great-grandson!

On their wedding day, Mike showed his admiration for Carol with a sweet and loving gesture at the altar, the candles gleaming in the background as she admired him right back. Their photographer captured the perfect moment, and their children grew up with their example – the iconic photograph documenting the moment forever.

But they wanted to do it again.In the year 2017, they stood in that same spot and in front of those same candles, dressed in white and still completely in love with one another. Through the good times and the bad, in sickness and in healthy, they had kept their vows to each other for all the world to see.

Fifty years later, he put his hands on her face and it as if they were back in time.” Their photographer wrote.

Shot by MoonShadow Photography, the couple’s love is perfectly captured in this Then & Now work of art. It has inspired others to do the same – and we can’t wait for more happy tales to emerge!

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