They Created A Twitter Account That Portrayed Her As A “Fat Whale.” She Turns Around And Raises $10,000 To Save ACTUAL Whales. She Has Something Very Important To Tell EVERYONE!

Dannie McMillan (“Dee,” to her peers) is a 16-year-old high school student who woke up to most people’s worst nightmare one day, and handled it like the champ that she is.

Dee started noticing strange looks and giggles behind her back coming from her classmates one day as she walked down the halls. Once her friends found out what was happening, they sent screenshots of the cause; one of her classmates had created a Twitter profile called “Dee’s a fat whale” with a profile picture of Dee as a whale.


“They took my powerlifting sports team picture and photo shopped a whale over my face.” She spoke to the school counselor and went home immediately. She stayed home for three days, watching the parody account gain more and more followers as time went on.

When people found out about what was happening to Dee, they started encouraging her to do something beautiful with this situation. One of those people was Laura Lee, a plus-sized model that had been talking to Dee on Facebook!3.30a8It was hard, but with the support of her friends, family, and one amazing role model (pun intended), she decided to embrace the entire thing. She started raising money to help whales. The tagline?

Dee the Fat Whale saves the Whales.”3.30a6

So far, she has raised $10,565 of $3,000. The bullies (whoever they were) have deactivated the account and hopefully learned a lesson.

Overcoming things like this is not easy but people need to know that it is possible and they have support.”

Sadly, until people can stop bullying others, this sort of thing will keep happening. The good news is that more and more people are willing to help out and turn these terrible events into good ones!

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