They Couldn’t Find The Mystery Man Who Appeared And Disappeared Without A Trace. They Called Him An ANGEL! The Truth Is Even Better!

At just 19-years-old, Katie Lentz thought she was going to die. She had been hit by a drunk driver on a rural road in Missouri and the first responders weren’t able to get her out of the car. Pinned between the steering wheel and her seat, she couldn’t take in a full breath and she was not able to move. They were trying their best to free her, but the fire chief realized that they might not be able to save her life. Katie knew that her time was running out. She prepared to face death, but wanted one last thing before her life ended…4.28a11

She asked the people around her to pray with her. A man walked up to the car as if from nowhere wearing a black shirt and the white collar of a priest, leading a prayer for them all. He ended the prayer and disappeared into the crowd.

Katie was eventually saved just in time, and when the responders searched for the man, they couldn’t find him. Katie was taken to the hospital and recovered from her injuries, but was concerned that no one had seen the priest. She made a composite sketch of the stranger and everyone sifted through all of the photographs of the wreckage. In all 70+ pictures that had been taken that day, the man was not in a single one.

They broadcasted the sketch of the man, but no one recognized him, and no one came forward. They started to speculate that it was an angel that had prayed with them on that day.4.28a12



But once her story hit the major news stations, the mystery priest came forward and identified himself as Father Patrick Dowling. He had wanted to remain anonymous because the crowd, the first responders, and the others helping at the scene deserved the recognition instead. He had only been present for the prayer and left soon after.4.28a13

The next year, Katie was able to meet with her angel, recovered and grateful for the support.

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