They Couldn’t Believe How This Woman Was Acting In Their Store. One Employee Wants To Help…I’m Still Not Sure If He Should Have!

You’ve seen these types before…they think that the rules can always be broken for them as long as they scream loud enough. These people will cause a scene, demand the manager, threaten to call “corporate,” insist on free things, and don’t mind making fools of themselves in public if it gets them what they want. Most of us don’t intervene when we see these people in action. We think that as long as we stay quiet, they will eventually just go away. When one woman was causing a huge drama in this clothing store, one employee did something incredible…but I’m still not sure if it was the right thing to do!  

(I am just about to clock out from work when a teenage girl walks in to return a shirt that was paid for with credit card. My coworker handles the transaction.)

Coworker: “So, you’ll be getting $13.94 back for this. Do you have a credit card to put that on to?”

Girl: “No.”

Coworker: “Well, I can give you a voucher to the store instead.”

Girl: “Okay, that works.”

(My coworker finishes the transaction, and gives her the voucher. The girl’s mother then comes in and becomes furious when her daughter gives her the voucher instead of cash. So she stomps over to my coworker.)

once it’s been put onto a voucher there’s nothing we can do.”

Woman: “You have to.”

Manager: “I can’t.”

Woman: “You HAVE to!”

Manager: “I can’t!”

(This unpleasantness goes on for awhile, until my manager has had enough.)

Manager: “I don’t have to do anything. Especially something that’s impossible.”

(The woman finally gets it through her head and leaves with her daughter. Then after a couple minutes her daughter comes back in, tears streaming down her face, and goes back over to my coworker and manager.)

Girl: “Is there anything you can do?”

Manager: “I wish I could but it’s impossible.”

(The girl looks to be on the verge of tears again.)

Girl: “Please…”

(I’m finally clocked out now, and after watching this whole situation and feeling terrible for the girl, I walk over.)

Me: “How much is on the voucher?”

Coworker: “Uh…$13.94.”

Me: “Okay.”

(I pull out my wallet and get $14.)

Me: “I’ll give you this for the voucher.”

Girl: “…really?”

Me: “Yeah.”

Girl: “Thank you. So much.”

Me: “Of course.”

(The girl takes the money and leaves. My coworker hands me the voucher.)

Coworker: “Why would you do that?”


Me: “I did it to help out the poor girl, not her terrible mother. Can you imagine living with that kind of person?”

What do you think?! Although this girl might have an easier evening because of his actions, his mother will have “gotten her way.” I probably wouldn’t have given up such a huge chunk of change after being treated like that. Is this employee an awesome person, or should he have kept his wallet closed and wished that little girl a heartfelt “good luck?”

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