They Charged Full Price For This Guy’s Hilarious McDonald’s Order. A+ Customer Service!

When you head to a fast food restaurant, most people just order what’s on the menu out of convenience. Unless you’re allergic to an ingredient or absolutely loathe tomatoes, some people prefer not to customize their orders all too often…mostly because of the confusion that results afterwards! This guy decided to order a cheeseburger without all of the important parts just to see what would happen.

He ordered it without bread, meat, pickles, onions, or condiments…he only left one ingredient: the cheese.He ordered the confusing “burger” from the kiosk, which charged him the full price of the burger even though it wasn’t actually a burger.

How did he react?

I’m not sure what I was hoping for, actually.”

Well, you’ve got that right. Me, either.

They included a box, and the fries were normal…but that was the most expensive piece of cheese that he has ever ordered in his life!


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